KavanahLife Singles helps Jewish singles of all ages and backgrounds find their perfect match & build stronger relationships. 

But we do it DIFFERENTLY...

Thru our unique model of empowerment, meaningful conversation, community building, and special events infused with joyful spirituality... we don't just mingle, we empower.

The results are self evident.  Rabbi Sam has successfully coached hundreds of singles across the U.S. in the last 20 years & has been featured in the New York Times, Miami Herald & The Jewish Press

among other notable media. 


Now he is taking it further to include value packed actionable content, videos & live events at stunning locations.


Our events have become the hottest tickets in town.  In 2018, one couple has already gotten married and on their way to starting a new Jewish home while dozens of other meaningful new relationships have blossomed.  

If you are serious about finding your perfect match & building stronger relationships, follow these steps:

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Your soulmate is waiting for you & may be closer than you think.

Rabbi Sam & Irma 

Watch the Video of Our Gala Soiree at the Temple House Miami Beach

Watch the Video of Our Success Story from Temple House:

Meet Eliezer & Taliah

The Media Has Taken Note....KavanahLife Singles in the Press

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