This past Shabbat, the world welcomed in the energy of Elul - the month before the Jewish

New Year - a time where G-d is seen as being closer to us than at any other time.  


While the month of Elul is seen as a time for introspection and accounting of ones actions for the past year, I'd like to propose something totally different - something revolutionary and uplifting - after all, isn't it a mitzvah to serve G-d with Joy?  


But how does one get to joy?  You can't instant message someone to be joyous.  Can't send an email or a tweet and demand what is the best route to getting to a place of joy?


How about Gratitude?


Studies have shown people who are grateful on a regular basis lead happier lives, have less anxiety and are also more successful - one gives birth to the other.  


We are fortunate to have 2 daily prayers in Judaism which strengthen this emotional muscle called gratitude.  When practiced with kavanah, it's the perfect start to a brand...

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